****** We are not looking employee !! we are looking business partner without investments. so, if you have a business mindset then this business will be right for you. ******


Who We Are

EasyLife Solutions was formed by a number of talent entrepreneurs comprises of

both highly skilled professional. It was incorporated as EasyLife Solutions, LLC

under commonwealth of Virginia state corporation commission located in Herndon VA.


What We Do

Easy Life Solutions is the loyalty program organizer where the customer will be

able to get a discount on various products or service oriented company pointed

by EasyLife. Also, we offer great discount programs to help business merchant

and individual business owner’s to retain their customers and ensure customers

buying behavior to make their each visit as a purchase.

Looking For

we are  looking for someone who has entrepreneur attitude, business passionate,

talented, self-motivated and organized individual to join our  company as a

shareholder to cooperate with the corporate merchant. If you relish corporate

handling challenges, then this is an exciting opportunity for you to join our

dynamic and expanding team as a business owner.

To be successful in this role, you need to  have a very good communication skills

with corporate personnel via  mail or by phone or even some time travel to the

merchant  by  person.  This role also involves a wide knowledge of explanation

and presentation skills and ability to present  loyalty program market demand

and benefits to the business merchant. Please feel free to contact 703-956-5160

or email at /

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